Stay comfortable



D-shaped 6 mm


O-shaped 6 mm


D-shaped 8 mm


O-shaped 8 mm


D-shaped 11 mm


O-shaped 11 mm

D + O

One of each pair: 6, 8 and 11 mm


10 pair of each size. Does not include satin bags and boxes.

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How to measure 1/3
How to measure 2/3
Measuring the width of your heel.
How to measure 3/3
Measuring the depth of your heel.

How to measure

Stiletties® comes in 6 different types in 2 sizes, all having a ground diameter of 25mm.

The tube is either formed as an O or a D for better fitting.

Loosing the pressure of your weight - instantly

What happens to the concentrated pressure from your stilettoes when you put on your Stiletties?
For example, if you weigh 70 kg, all the 70 kg gives an immense pressure through your heels.
Distributed on a circular area with a diameter of 6 mm, it corresponds to a load of 2.5 kg per square millimeter.
Putting on your Stiletties with a base of 25mm, the load will be reduced to approx. 0.15 kg per square millimeter.
Thus, the load is reduced by 94%.

Why Stiletties?

Are you sick and tired of your heels sinking into the lawn when you’re at a garden party?

Does your feet feel sore after tip-toeing in high heels on grass and gravel?

Stiletties® gives you a more sure-footed and sexy walk when you can move about naturally, without having to stiff-leg it to avoid sinking.

How about showing up in a beautiful dress and matching stilettos, only to be asked to remove your shoes because your hostess fears for her floors?

Who haven’t had a day of shopping or a night of clubbing and then come home to realise your favourite heels has been damaged by gravel, escalators or cobblestones?

Stiletties® can’t remove the obstacles bent on destruction, but it will help protect your shoes. You can use them on porous surfaces, without having to bring spare shoes. They will also protect sensitive surfaces and even has a shock absorbing ability, which gives you a more relaxed walk.


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